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The Panel Step-by-Step

1. Have your digital image ready to go and choose from our various sizes.


150x150mm $75
210x210mm $90
300x300mm $130


100x150mm $75
150x210mm $90
210x300mm $130


100x210 $75
100x300 $110
200x400 $130

2. Email the information to Tony.

3. Tony sources the primary materials:

Timber from demolitions, renovations or roadside collection
This is the visible part of your frame, providing texture and character
Polystyrene from fruit & veg markets
This provides structural strength and is completely hidden inside the frame

4. Tony handcrafts your panel in his Brunswick workshop.

5. He prints your panel and wraps it in recycled packaging

6. Your panel arrives via tracked postage, ready to display.