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Handmade Recycled Photo Frames in Australia

How It Works

Our technology allows us to print directly onto smooth stone and timber/polystyrene surfaces, using new generation UV-cured ink. The image is scratch and weather-resistant, which eliminates the need for glass to protect it. All frames come pre-framed and ready to hang, both inside and outside!

Please note:
Frames placed outside are subject to erosion and oh-so-perfect imperfections.

Step 1 – Upload your image

Upload your image to Please limit the file size to 10MB (JPEG and TIFF files preferred). By emailing your images to Panelpop, we acknowledge that you hold the copyright for those images.

Step 2 – Choose from our various sizes.

Step 3 – Enjoy!

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting. Help reduce the carbon footprint by dropping in during business hours or to get it on the same day. We’re happy to post your Panelpop if you are unable to do so.

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