Welcome to Panelpop

Panelpop is a new art medium, perfect for printing your favourite photos or unleashing your creativity. Photos can be printed directly onto the smooth stone surface using new generation, UV-cured ink. The image is scratch and weather resistant which eliminates the need for glass to protect it. Or let your creative side go wild and use the panel to paint, sketch, stencil or sculpt. All panels come pre-framed and ready to hang, using recycled timbers and other materials headed for landfill.

What is a Panelpop?

PanelPop is a framed art surface with multiple incarnations and potential use in architecture, housing and whatever else we bend our attention towards. The current (tested) uses include:

Photos on PanelPop
Digital images are printed directly onto the stone using UV-cured ink. The photo is scratch and weather-resistant so doesn’t require glass to protect it. Email us one of your own photographs and enjoy the thrill of framing it into life.
Blank PanelPop
A natural surface for artists to paint, sketch, stencil or sculpt. The smooth prepared surface has enough tooth and absorbency to retain watercolour, oil or acrylic paints and by using a small amount of water and a kitchen scourer dry pigment can be reduced or removed.
Art PanelPop
The PanelPop team collect their favourite photography and illustrations (mainly local artists) and offer one-of-a-kind prints in the Brunswick Street shop. PanelPop art is only produced in small quantities and each is uniquely individual due to their hand-made nature and materials.

Place an order

choose_imageStep 1 – Attach and email your image

Attach your image and email us at info@panelpop.com. Please limit the file size to 10MB. (Jpeg, and Tiff files are preferred) By emailing your images to Panelpop, we acknowledge that you hold the copyright for those images.

choose_sizeStep 2 – Choose from our various sizes


150 x 150mm – $75.00
210 x 210mm – $90.00
300 x 300mm – $130.00Rectangle
100 x 150mm – $75.00
150 x 210mm – $90.00
210 x 300mm – $110.00
300 x 420mm – $145.00Panorama
100 x 210mm – $75.00
150 x 420mm – $110.00
210 x 420mm – $130.00

(All prices are in
Australian dollars.)

Step 3 – Enjoy

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting and we will contact you to confirm method of payment. Help reduce the carbon footprint by dropping into the shop during business hours to collect your order. We’re happy to post your Panelop if you are unable to do so.

Shop Hours:
Wednesday – Saturday
11am – 5pm

Ph: 0419 596 743
E: info@panelpop.com
117 Brunswick St.
Fitzroy, Victoria, 3065